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Buddha Desktop Pictures

Tips for Mac & Window

Mac Users
Tip's for Desktop Pictures for Mac OS 8.x users

- create a folder
- copy the DTP (your screen size) you like in this folder
- open "Desktop Pictures" or "Appearance -> Desktop"
- drag the folder with the DTP on the "Picture"
- click "Set Desktop" and close the panel
- then you will get a different DTP at every "Restart"

Tip's for Desktop Pictures for Mac OS 7.x users

please see this link to find a program for Mac OS 7.x users :

VersionTracker "Desktop Pictures"

If you use "AfterDark 3.x or 4.x" will work with OS 7.x, see "setup" then "WallZapper" and choose your picture.

More Tip's from MacPlazza:
Hints & Tips: Desktop pictures
Monitor resolutions, bit depths and desktop pictures.

Tip's for StartupScreen for Mac OS users

- open the picture with GraphicConverter
- save as... "PICT in resource" named "StartupScreen"
- copy the file to the "System Folder"
- restart your computer and you will see the picture

Software see also:
TuCows Image Editors - TuCows Image Viewers


Window Users
Tip's for Desktop Pictures for Window 95/98 Users
Windows users may have to do a bit more work than Mac users to be able to use these images as wallpaper. Below I provide step-by-step instructions for the easiest method I know.

Software for convert to .bmp see:
TuCows Image Editor - TuCows Image Viewers

More Info & Tips:
Desktop Tools
Windows 95 Desktop Tips by BillsSite
Windows 95 Desktop Tips by OneStopWindows
The Complete Guide to Desktop Themes

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Archived Files Mac & Window
.sit Macintosh & Window Users - Files are archived in stuffit SIT format and binhex HQX format. Stuffit Expander 5-7 is required to open the Mac archives.


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