Donate for charity, generosity for humanitarian development, help poor children, misery in third world.

A new approach to humanitarian help and development

A visible participation in a selected project

Commitment to humanitarian causes is widespread today. Well-known personalities from all walks of life: the arts, sport, politics, and the media support actions of cooperation or of development through their participation in creating greater awareness or through donations. Many multinationals have established funds to sponsor humanitarian projects.

Choice, visibility and accountability

In spite of this growing interest, the concerns of many donors remain:

   - Is it possible for me to choose the kind of action I intend to support?
   - How is my money actually used?
   - How is the project I sponsor progressing?
   - Is it possible to view pictures as to the progress of work in the field?

A new approach now allows donors to have a greater say in how their money should be spent. DonationPixel, a not for profit association, has developed a new internet based concept through which such donor concerns are directly addressed.

A new approach

We provide, through the internet, the possibility for donors to visibly support humanitarian aid and development in favour of vunerable members of society and victims of natural disasters in developing countries. The donations are formalized through the acquisition of participation corresponding to an image.

DonationPixel offers a direct and easy approach which embraces at once greater choice, transparency and follow-up in any given project.

Why the name “DonationPixel”?

Each supported action is represented by a picture made up of blocks of 10x10 pixels each. These blocks are offered to donors, who by buying theses, support a specific project.

By doing this, the donors also make their donations visible to the public and a direct web-link is provided to the donors’ web-site. If they so wish donors can also remain anonymous. The donors who prefer this option can choose a symbolic, but anonymous picture or pattern in a available series.

Control and reliable partners

All the partners chosen are reliable and well known to DonationPixel; each has, in its respective field of activity real and recognized experience. In accordance with their legal obligations, they are required to provide regular reports of their activities in the field. In addition, representatives of DonationPixel make unannounced verification visits to the field. Accordingly, information and photos are regularly updated on the DonationPixel for the benefit of donors.

Finally, a full financial report is made available.

Select a project

and the amount you wish to donate

Add your name to it

and your image on Internet

Ensure your visibility

for 3 years

Remain informed

with regular updates

Full visibility at all levels

approach is characterized by making available carefully selected, renewed and updated programmes of humanitarian aid and development. Donors choose both the project they want to support and the amount they wish to contribute.

Each project, symbolized by a photo, is divided into a number of blocks of pixels which donors are able to buy based on their total contribution. Donors make their contribution and their participation becomes immediately visible in the photo, which is the emblem of the project in a size corresponding to the number of pixels acquired. The aim is to cover the whole picture so that the project is fully funded. The donor’s contribution is further recognized by way of a web-link (by clicking on its logo) directly to its web-site. The web-link is guaranteed for 3 years.

Visibility is also extended to the project itself. Information (texts and photos) as to the progress of the projects are regularly updated. General information about the project as well as its evolution is available on the
DonationPixel web-site 24/7.

The aim of the projects initially proposed

With the launch of its site
DonationPixel initially offers project relating to recontruction work in the aftermath of the tidal waves in Asia, the training of young farmers, the contruction of class-rooms and the establishment of drinking water supply in villages most affected. Other projects will shortly come online.

In essence all ultimate aims of all the projects is the development of countries, which still today remain extremely poor.
DonationPixel wishes to ensure that this essential element is ever present in all the projects it proposes on its web-site. The element of development (on both a personal and institutional level) is essential so that the projects create dynamism towards a general development rather than a state of dependency. Such is the only guarantee of long-term self-sufficiency.

Creation of the website

Like many initiatives,
DonationPixel is the result of the journey of different people’s lives which have come together. During their travels abroad, lawyers have gained awareness of huge needs; while visiting the third-world computer technicians wondered how their knowledge and their work-tool, computers, could participate in the development of regions in need.

Then the meeting took place with professionals of the humanitarian field, who have spent most of their lives in the field and have acquired vast experience of social action and of development in all continents. appears in French and in English for the time being, but versions in other languages are being prepared in order to heighten the awareness and interest of more and more donors all over the world.

By creating greater awareness as to the existence of the DonationPixel web-site, the media can assist and support us in our humanitarian work.